Lines, curves and textures unite to compose the minimalist and daring style of Blomêh’s joaillerie collection. Timeless and far from trends, its pieces are attractive to strong, confident women who know how to stand out. The elegance of their curves is fitting for any occasion. Rich designs and attention to detail with a genuine expression of softness are the trademark of Blomêh joaillerie.

Surfaces and textures fascinate me and I love to explore the limits of their materials. I'm interested in proportions and diversities. “Louise”, for example, this beautiful handmade earring, is the key piece of our AURA collection. Its creation is an elaborate process. The precious topaz needs to be carefully placed on the earring. The earring is hollow and, depending on the viewer's perspective, looks like a petal or wave.

The name topaz derives from the Sanskrit word “tapas”, which means heat or fire. The stone symbolizes the fresh glow of youth and, for those who believe in the forces of nature, its purpose is to bring new life and positive energies. Topaz are among the most prized gemstones in the world along with rubies, diamonds and sapphires. They resemble the color of the sky on a cloudless day: clean, clear and delicate.

According to the Greeks, the gods of heaven and earth met in the topaz, where they deliberated on the exclusion of evils to make the sky and all the seas appear transparently blue.