My name is Marcelli Kanschik and I am an independent artist living in Frankfurt (Germany). I grew up in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in a family with Italian roots.

I created my art company BLOMÊH in 2021 to materialize my passions and blend European elegance and Brazilian soul into art and design. Ultimately, BLOMÊH aims at expanding the very spirit to the world that Bossa Nova brought to music: elegance, timelessness, and confidence.

There are multiple entrepreneurs in my family, which inspired me and planted in me the ambition to create something that is truly my own. By founding my own art company, one of my life dreams came true and a journey of self-discovery started for me.

In my work, I am a very visual person and enjoy letting my intuition and emotion flow to infinite possibilities. Through my art, I aim at creating and molding my own language of organic forms. It is a suave language and at the same time materially robust.

My principal objective is to create a body of work that invites to see the world through its forms and surfaces. I desire for BLOMÊH to stage the instantaneous in our lives as art and design. Surprising combinations of textures, colors and forms, everything handmade, that’s what it comes down to.

All Blomêh paintings and ceramics are 100% planned and created by myself. My jewelry designs are produced by a trusted local German partner specialized in gold and precious materials. All materials for our products must be of superior quality and sustainable.

Blomêh revives the conviction that luxury can be enjoyed without exceptions. She is focused on the present and conscious of the future.

Marcelli Kanschik (Founder of BLOMÊH)


I have always been passionate about "l`Univers de la Mode" and art, to which my family is also strongly tied.

My greatest influence and source of inspiration are flora and fauna. Nature inspires me with its infinite forms, objects, and colors. It gives me the necessary peace of mind which precedes creativity. Another thing I love is and which influences me a lot is the ocean and travelling. I had the opportunity to see the beauty of many places and took a small piece of each of them with me.

For that reason, I love art. Art is capable to create new forms and textures beyond our daily lives and routines. As an artist, I let my imagination wander. This is crucial to observe and create.

It’s important to observe the buildings blocks of your world correctly and apply them in different creations, objects and canvases. The only rule I have is to maintain Blomêh’s visual identity.



Kunst trifft Kunst, Temporary exhibition, Frankfurt (region), 9/2022

>Inside Art<, Temporary exhibition, Bad Nauheim, 11/2022 – 1/2023

Arts Artists Artwork, Artist Network Membership since 2022

Society of Women Artists, Artist Network Membership since

Saatchi Gallery, Permanent exhibition (online), since 2022

Artmajeur, Permanent exhibition (online), since 2022


Blomêh's studio is located in the heart of Europe in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

"This is where my imaginations gets wings, where raw materials are transformed to be meaningful. This is where I become a criator connected to my creation."

Marcelli Kanschik